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      And she has accepted you? Thank the Lord!She looked very lovely, and, strange to say, not at all anxious, though she still felt as if she would have preferred the dress to have contained a little more material in the bodice.

      But Esmeralda had descended low enough.

      Ererjust so. My client, Mr. Gordon Chetwynde, was extremely devoted to his daughter, and ernot unreasonably desired to see her suitably married. Unfortunately, although she had several brilliant offers, she fell in love with a quite ineligible young man with noersettled occupation or prospects, and with not the best of characters.

      Oh, Selvaine, I am so glad! I cant tell you how anxious I have beenhow their absence and silence has worried me! and the tears rose to her eyes. I have had a dread that something was wrong, that something had happened; and though you are very clever, I have sometimes thought that you, too, were anxious about them.

      See here, he said. Its my deal; you hold on till all the cards are out. Ive looked forward to this day; somehow I always felt it would come, though I didnt think youd turn out such a golden heiress. The old games played out, Ralda, and we must take a fresh pack, and begin a new deal. It was all very well for me to be your guardian while you were just Esmeralda of Three Star, but the situations altered. You are now Miss Chetwynde, and the owner of a pile of dollars mountains high. Youve got to take those dollars and live up to them; in short, youve got to be a swell. Youll go to England to this Ladywhatever her name isand learn how to play your part.





      Aint you coming in to breakfast, Ralda? said Mother Melindas voice, spoken through the fizzing of bacon in the frying-pan. I thought yous goin to sleep all day.